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Dennis Jones, founder and CEO of Big Den Records, is a songwriter, arranger and entertainer in his own right, with more than 30 years of experience working with music industry artists and professional music services. 

Dennis is driven in his business endeavors and lives by the philosophy, "I Can Make it Happen."  He has crafted his skills and invested the time to know the business side of the music industry and knows what's required and what works to promote an artist and get him or her air time to call attention to their songs and encourage downloads in this new digital age of entertainment.

By working with and studying various artists, he becomes a shadow of the artists. He isn't the face you see on the stage, but the brush that paints what you see. He adds flavor to the mix and helps create the pulsating tones and lyrics that move you.

When asked what he believes his vision and purpose to be, Dennis says without hesitation that his hope and his vision is to help others perfect their project, utilizing his own creative gifts and skills.  

Dennis is a busy man.  In addition to working hard and fulfilling family obligations, he is actively involved in the community, helping where he can; and has a strong passion to help new artists get their songs some play time.   


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