Big Den Records & Entertainment

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Big Den Records and Entertainment is a multi-faceted entertainment-based company in Rock Hill, SC.   Long known in the greater Charlotte, NC area for providing local talent for private and public events, its owner, Dennis Jones, Sr. is a true lover of all music genres and of the business side of the music industry, as well.   He says, "I'm not a singer, but I'm a songwriter and I love to sing what I write!" And sing he does .... sometimes even joining in right along with his singer/songwriter clients!
If you're an entertainer trying to get your songs published and aired, Big Den Records & Entertainment can help.  We have the experience and the know-how to get you copyrighted, published and on the air.  Our Music Production Service will get your music properly processed and distributed to industry professionals worldwide, let us assist you. We'll help with:
  • Radio Airplay  -- Distribute your music through online music services to get your music to Program Directors, Consultants & others who'll give you radio airplay on various radio stations worldwide.
  • Registration/Publishing -- Help with assistance with assessing copyrights, publishing and Performing Rights. ie: BMI, ASCAP (Performing Rights), Dennis Jones Publishing Company - BMI, Dennis Jones Sr. Publishing Company - ASCAP,  ISRC Codes, Nielsen BDS, Mediabase, Etc.
  • Distribution -- Assist clients with distribution of music online via stores, websites, CD Baby, TuneCore, iTunes, Mondo Tunes, Spotify, etc.
  • CD Duplication -- Assist with full service Music duplication in low to high quantities. All duplications are made to fit your specific needs with a full service print package.
  • Websites -- Provide clients with the opportunity to have their own Web Site. This would give you the ability to provide your music projects and sell your music directly from your own Web Site. Package would offer Web site design, hosting and maintenance upkeep.
  • A&R Submission -- Submitting songs for review and placement opportunities. ie, Grammy Submissions, Music Libraries, Song Pluggers, Song Placements, etc.
  • Live Program Assistance -- We offer live instrumentation & assistance for clients that perform live, etc.
  • Studio Recording -- Assist clients to obtain their vision of getting their songs recorded and mastered.